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"Ever since I was a little girl I could remember snuggling with my mom before bed. As I got older I would start in with her, so we could watch girly shows on TV while my dad was down stairs watching his shows. Sometimes I would fall asleep and of course getting into my teens it was much harder for my dad to move me. He thought I was sleeping, but a lot of times I was faking, just so I could sleep with my mom. He would always tell me, Natalie Clare you are almost 18 years old this is got to stop. Well to this very day when I go back home to visit I still sneak in with my mom, this time leaving my dad and my husband downstairs. I don't fall alseep anymore though. I have a loving husband to sleep with, but of course nothing competes with a mothers love. Now I have a daughter of my own and I hope she realizes shes never too old to snuggle with her mama too."

"My favorite time with the family and some of the best memories I have of us all together, is when we have a night set aside for dinner. Each one of us (there are 5 total) have a task/chore to get dinner ready. We all work together cooking and setting the table. Dinner is fun because we tend to get a little goofy and share funny stories with each other. After dinner we all pitch in and clean up. Once everything is clean and dishes are done we spend the rest of the night playing cards. We all get loud and silly, but it's fun. As the night progresses the kids usually want to invite friends over or Grandpa and Grandma want to join us as well. It's nice because when the friends call for our kids, they don't ask to go anywhere, they always want their friends to join us. It's not often that we get to do this anymore with, the kids getting older, but they still ask when we will have family night"

“My favorite family vacation is to Gatlinburg, TN.  We go there every year as a family and rent a cabin.  We make big meals at the cabin every night and eat together as a family while enjoying the beautiful mountain scenery.  There are so many fun family activities to do in that area, I highly recommend it!”

“My favorite family tradition is Christmas time.  I remember as a kid how hard it was to wait until Christmas day for presents, us kids hardly got any sleep on Christmas Eve because of it.  The tradition at our house is that Santa comes on Christmas Eve.  Our family goes out for dinner and then we drive around looking at Christmas lights and when we come back later that evening, Santa has already come to our house!  The kids love it!”

“My favorite family meal is breakfast.  On Sundays we always have a big breakfast before church.  The kids help make pancakes, while I cook biscuits and gravy or omelets.  The kids always look forward to helping with the cooking, and the food is great too!”

“Our new family tradition is that dinner time is a time for our family to catch up.  We put away all cell phones and video games, turn off the TV and radio and just catch up on the day.  It is a time for us to talk about what the kids are learning at school and what our plans are for the weekend.  The whole family really seems to enjoy it!”

"Every chrismas evening we make santa's cookies, and make reindeer pie. Then we go wrap presents for each other. We also get ready for the chrismas party we always have on chrismas day. After that we go check on the cookies and we have only half of the batch left! But we always know that are dad was in his office hidding and eating the cookies he would take . But as always we always have another batch. This is my story that my dad loves cookies."

~ P.S. Don't leave a batch of cookies out in plain sight. ~

"For as long as I can remember, our family tradition at Christmas is to wait upstairs for the presents to be ready. We then line up on the stairs and take a picture every year like this. It is a tradition we always look forward to, even though we now have families of our own!"

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